The Answer is in the Oceans

Posted by admin on July 14, 2010

As unbelievable as it sounds, experts estimate that .2 of the ocean’s energy could power the entire world. Using this prediction as wind under their wings, Oregon State University has created three device prototypes that could be used to harness wave energy.Without getting too technical, the most promising of the three prototypes consists of an electric coil surrounding a magnetic shaft located inside a buoy. The magnetic shaft would be anchored to the sea floor, waves would cause the coil to move up and down on the fixed magnetic shaft, and electricity would be generated. The research team at OSU would place multiple buoys a few miles offshore in 100 foot water. This “wave park” would be invisible from land. Thanks to close alliances with Columbia Power Technologies and the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center, large sums of money have been awarded to the project. The completion and success of the project is dependent on a variety of other factors, so it is unsure when we can find out any results.If .2 of the ocean’s energy could power the world, it seems the world’s search for a renewable energy source would come to an end. Because we have yet to find an easy doable way to harness this energy, the possibilities of wave energy have flown under the radar. It is important to raise awareness about the many promises the ocean holds for the future of energy. With national awareness and funding, surely experts can find a way to generate electricity and replace traditional electricity forever.

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